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Buying Rescue Equipment Can Be Confusing  

We can solve this problem! 

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Rope Rescue & Rigging Equipment Primer
Technical rope rescue is a complex and dangerous operation,  
anyone who attempts a technical rope rescue without proper training and experience is putting themselves and others at risk." - This will help!

What Is On Deck with Rope Rescue & Rigging Equipment Primer

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  • Welcome to Rope Rescue Equipment
  • ​Beginning the Process of Rope Building Your Rope Rescue Program
  • ​Equipment Selection
  • ​Jigger Systems
  • ​Rope and Cord
  • ​Harnesses
  • Carabiners
  • ​Pulleys
  • ​Helmets
  • ​Ascenders
  • ​Descenders
  • ​Anchors - Hardware & Webbing
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